Harmony Training & Development offers business solutions to address the effects violence, harassment and toxic relationships have on the workplace.

We offer services in person, via presentations and interactive workshops related to violence and harassment in the workplace.

We craft industry specific workplace policies to mitigate risk and maximize productivity. Offering resources related to these topics further enhances a healthy work environment with employees, HR and safety professionals, and managers having easy access to the help they need.

Domestic Violence:

Abuse, control and manipulation experienced at home can and does affect the workforce, resulting not only in lost productivity and increased absenteeism, but a significant safety risk to those experiencing domestic violence and their co-workers.

Harmony Training & Development works with all levels of management, HR and safety professionals and personnel offering practical tools to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence, policy development to mitigate safety concerns and coaching on how to best approach and assist those that may be experiencing domestic violence.

Psychological Health and Safety:

Inappropriate workplace behaviour like incivility, bullying, harassment and ineffective communication can create a toxic environment that undermines company objectives and can lead to the loss of your best employees. Often when key personnel display undesirable behaviour they don’t recognize it, or it has become so ingrained they don’t know how to change.

Our Certified Health and Safety Advisor assesses thirteen workplace psychological factors and addresses areas that need improvement to create an environment where it is safe to take interpersonal risk.  Doing so creates a psychologically safe and innovative organization where business can flourish and clients, customers, and staff are engaged and productive.

Bullying and Sexual Harassment:

By clearly defining expected and prohibited conduct, we assure that organizations know exactly how they are to conduct themselves when interacting with colleagues, clients and suppliers.  Just as importantly, we assure managers, supervisors and workers know and understand what areas of workplace management and interaction is NOT inappropriate, but rather the business of employee management.  

Policy and Procedure Development:

Progressive organizations develop workplace policies and procedures to address the issues and mitigate the risk associated with violence, domestic violence and workplace bullying and harassment.  There are items that must be included in prevention procedures and items that should be included to further help protect workers and employers alike. 

Assessing hazards through a lens of understanding to create effective and comprehensive prevention plans tailored to your industry and then training employees on those plans and strategies, leads to due diligence and increased safety for all. 

Resource Allocation:

With a Certified Information & Referral Specialist on staff, Harmony Training & Development is well positioned to work with your organization to coach HR professionals and managers how to best assist staff experiencing sensitive issues and provide current, relevant resources.

Service Delivery Options:

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Key note address
  • Lecture
  • Seminar