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Think Domestic Violence Doesn't Affect Your Workplace? Read Stan and Linda's Story

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 By:  Ruthann Weeks, CIRS          Founder, Harmony Training & Development 5 Minute Read Linda has been with Stan for 19 years. Theirs started out like many other college romances. They were so in love they barely made time for their studies and were consumed by their relationship. Stan wanted Linda all to himself. He could not get enough of her and every moment not taken up by classes or work, they were together. Linda thought it romantic. ... More...

A Re-framing: When Love Hurts

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By:  Ruthann Weeks, CIRS Founder, Harmony Training & Development 3 Minute Read I had some training recently in my area of expertise. I have spent many hours researching and training on domestic violence, specifically related to it’s affects on the workplace. Last week I learned that I had to unlearn some things. When Love Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships is authored by two women who have worked with thousands of abuse survivor... More...
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