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Human Resource Management is more than a profession, it’s embracing a holistic approach to the governance of human assets within an organization.

Ruthann Weeks
Founder, Harmony Training & Development

Harmony Training & Development is a social enterprise working to address the issues of violence and harassment in the workplace to create supportive cultures where employees are safe, knowledgeable and productive.

Lack of harmony in the workplace costs Canadian business and industry millions in revenues per year, due to worker disengagement, absenteeism and increased turnover:

  • Canadian employers lose $77.9 million annually due to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence.
  • Estimates show that 40% of the Canadian workforce experiences bullying or harassment at work at least once a week.

We work with management and staff to deliver training related to:
  • Violence, including domestic violence and its affects on the workplace 
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Effective communication
  • Healthy conflict resolution strategies

Shaping a culture by rejecting oppression and creating unified support for all employees.

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